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    Trantec Sound Field System

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The Trantec Soundfield Systems for Education

Trantec S10 Soundfield System

Trantec S11 Wall Mounted Soundfield System

Trantec S10 Soundfield System Trantec S11 Wall Mounted Soundfield System
S10 System Without Speakers 665.00 S11 System Without Speakers 665.00
S10 System With Speakers (From) 765.00 S11 System With Speakers (From) 765.00

All prices + Carriage and VAT

NB: These are currently out of production - contact us for alternative solutions

From the leading manufacturer of radio microphone and communication systems in the U.K. Designed specifically for the Education Market

The Trantec S-10 Soundfield System for Education, is a COMPLETE SYSTEM in a box - Radio Transmitter, Receiver/Amplifier, 4-Loudspeakers, brackets and Loudspeaker Cable. Designed to be simple to install and use.


The Trantec S10 Soundfield System is a brand new 'Sound Reinforcement' development, which enhances the learning environment by raising the tutors spoken word above the ambient noise level of the classroom. This enables all students, wherever seated, to receive the correct level of audio without the need for tutors to raise their voices. The system raises the volume of the tutor's voice only slightly, and produces a uniform sound across the classroom. This is particularly useful for students with impaired hearing, and additionally saves the tutor's voice and throat! Classrooms are rarely designed with acoustics in mind, so with this solution you can guarantee an even distribution of sound.


The tutor wears a lightweight beltpack transmitter fitted to a small lapel or headworn microphone. The transmitted signal is recovered by the combined receiver and amplifier, which distributes the signal to strategically placed speakers. The tutor has full audio control by using the volume and equaliser controls on the receiver unit.


* All students hear the same level of audio
* Removes the need for tutors to shout to make themselves heard
* Reduces voice fatigue and throat problems
* Increases student motivation
* Improves academic performance
* Helps students with impaired hearing


We have fitted an auxiliary audio input to enable teachers to connect, cassette, CD, MP3 players, or even VCRs to the S10 system. There is also a Mic/Mix mode to enable the teacher to provide a commentary over any audio input. Additionally, there are 2 audio outputs, to connect to larger sound systems or to permit an induction loop if required.

Many schools already have wireless hearing products, for their hearing impaired children. We wanted to integrate this equipment with the S10. As a result, the S10 operates on the frequency bands reserved for this equipment and the S10 receiver is compatible, at the flick of a switch, with the existing transmitters. We have achieved this by working very closely with the UK's leading supplier of these products.

The S10 system allows the installer to select one frequency from a bank of 32 frequencies held within the transmitter and receiver units. The S10 is available in 3 banks of 32 frequencies, making it the most flexible product in the market place, and enabling it to be installed in even the largest of educational establishments.

If you require more information about this product please contact our specialist. Education Sales department


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