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Repair Service and Maintenance Services

Audio Visual Services (avsglos) established in September 1977 have over 31 years of experience in servicing a vast range of Audio, AudioVisual, Camcorder, Cine Projection, Computer and Peripheral (Including Disc Drives and Printers), Data Projection, Slide Projection, Television, Video Recorder and Video Projection Products (Domestic and Professional). We offer a variety of skills and services to meet your requirements.

Our manufacturer trained engineers place the greatest importance on quality of service, indeed the company has evolved from long established roots in the field of equipment service and repairs. Most of our service work comes from customer recommendation!

Repair services are only available to our customers, specifically for equipment originally supplied by us.
Education and commercial repair services are available upon application on a wide range of equipment. 

Repairs are carried out using manufacturers original spares and components wherever possible to return the equipment to the original specification. It is our mission to repair and service your equipment to the highest possible standards ensuring  maximum reliability and the minimum of downtime.
We reserve the right to refuse to repair any product which has been modified from its original specification in any way.

We service most major brands and we are an Authorised Repair Centre for:

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We provide Maintenance, Repair, Service, Repair and Upgrade to Customer Requirements.

For equipment to be repaired under the manufacturers original guarantee we shall require a photocopy of your purchase invoice showing the Make, Model No. Serial No, the name and address of the retailer and the date of purchase.

Please note that manufacturers do not normally pay carriage charges, these are the responsibility of the customer.

In the event that equipment is accepted for repair under the conditions above, but is found not to be faulty (e.g. Fault cannot be detected or confirmed, or the problem is due to miss-operation) then normal charges will apply as manufacturers will only reimburse us for repairs to faulty equipment. Where the original purchase has been made from us, the diagnosis charge (but not carriage charges) may at our option, be waived.

For equipment covered by an extended guarantee, either with the manufacturer or an insurance company, or a customer services authorisation from a manufacturer, we shall require a letter of authorisation for the repairs required, indicating the extent of the authorisation and any limitations imposed. 
When a service report, or repair estimate is requested by the manufacturer, prior to authorisation for repair, this is chargeable at the appropriate rate for 1 hour of labour, this charge is payable by the customer when the equipment is brought in (Manufacturers will usually NOT reimburse this charge).


Service request calls from Commercial Customers, and Schools are logged at time of receipt.
Equipment brought in, or sent in, for service is computer logged on arrival at our premises.
Equipment is assessed for repair in strict rotation by an appropriate engineer for the product.
Fault finding is carried out as appropriate and spares are ordered from the manufacturer.
When all spares have been received the equipment is allocated to an engineer for completion.
The equipment is subjected to final testing, is cleaned and packed for collection or despatch.
For equipment brought in, the Customer is contacted by telephone to arrange collection.
For equipment sent in, the customer is contacted and arrangements are made to return the equipment.
Where appropriate, repairs will be arranged with and carried out by the equipment manufacturers or their agents.

Waiting Times

Waiting times vary according to Workload, Type of Equipment and availability of Spares and Service Manuals.


Service charges are 60.00 + VAT per hour for domestic equipment (Except Camcorders) (1 hour Minimum charge)*

Service charges for Domestic Camcorders are 80.00 + VAT Per hour (1 hour Minimum charge)*

Service charges for Domestic Digital Camcorders are 110.00 + VAT Per hour (1 hour Minimum charge)*

Service charges for Professional Equipment are from 120.00 + VAT Per hour (1 hour Minimum charge)*

Service charges for Data Projectors are from 90.00 + VAT Per hour (1 hour Minimum charge)*

*Spares as required, are charged extra.


Quotation charges are 60.00 + VAT for domestic equipment*

Quotation charges for Domestic Camcorders are 80.00 + VAT*

Quotation charges for Domestic Digital Camcorders are 110.00 + VAT*

Quotation charges for Professional Equipment are 120.00 + VAT*

Quotation charges for Data Projectors are 90.00 + VAT*

*Spares necessary to bring the equipment to a testable condition are charged extra (e.g."Dead" Equipment).

Inspection Charge - No Fault Found

Normal minimum service charges apply.

Inspection Charge - Beyond Economic Repair

Where engineering time has been spent in an attempt to repair, exceeds 15 minutes a minimum service charge will apply as above. (Where replacement equipment is purchased from us, this charge will be waived).

Where the equipment is, in our opinion, after brief inspection, deemed to be beyond economic repair, no charge is made.

Queue Periods (Estimated times - Indication only)

Time to first inspection - normally 3-7 Days (In workshops).

Time to completion - normally 15-20 Days maximum (depends on fault complexity and spares availability).

Time to completion for repairs which have to be sent to manufacturers or manufacturers authorised repair centres - These are not within our control, but in our experience 3 to 6 weeks would be a good basic indication.

All prices shown exclusive of VAT.

For further information please contact  (avsglos) Service Department or telephone 01452-305181.

Queues are estimated times only - actual times to inspect or complete repairs may vary.


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