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Motorola XTNiD - Small Business 2-Way Radio

Motorola's newest addition to the license free market, the XTNi is perfect for the business and consumer market. With a range of approximately 8km, the model follows on from the highly successful XTN446, taking professional unlicensed radio to new level. Built to Military specification & IP55, its the most rugged & robust radio in its class.
8 channels
Range up to 9Km
16 pre set channels for ease of use
122 Interference Eliminator codes - reduces interference from consumer radios
Keypad lock
Cast metal chassis
Belt clip
Tri Colour LED
16 channel select knob
Also includes a long life Li Ion battery
Pack includes: radio, rechargable battery, drop in charger tray, power supply unit, belt clip


Volume control
VoX with accessory, iVoX without accessory
Voice scrambling
Nuisance delete
Cloning (via charger or MUC)
Automatic power save
Programming mode
Time out timer (can be disabled)
Alerts: Channel Busy/Heartbeat/ Transmit LED Low battery alert (audible)
3 call tones (+ off)
Keypad tones


The new XTNiD radio is perfectly compatible with the old XTN446 and will communicate with each other straight from the box. The XTNiD has 16 pre-set channels with the first 8 the same as the old XTN446 (ie 1 - 1, 2 - 1 etc). The next 8 channels are the 8 channels with DCS code 121 (i.e. 1 - 121, 2 - 121).

With its robust, IP55-metal case coated with a durable plastic resin the XTNiD (display) is the ideal licence free radio for tough environments. The rugged design features protects the internal electronics of the radio from accidental knocks as well as dust and water ingress to IP55 standards.

The XTNiD is an ideal licence free radio for facility management, security, retail and civil engineering market sectors. The improved IP55 design offers users a reliable licence free radio.

The modified programming software on the new XTNiD allows the user to change the allocations behind the 16 pre-set channels on the unit. However, the easiest way is using the computer software, which can be purchased separately. The software can also change functions such as time out timer delay and squelch. A cloning cable is also available so that the settings can be added to new units by the user without needing the full programming.

The XTNiD comes with a high capacity Li-Ion battery offering up to 30 hours operating time, drop in charger tray, power supply unit with EU and UK adapters, belt clip and user guide.

All of the standard audio accessories for the XTN446 are compatible with the and XTNiD radio. There are specific XTNi accessories such as programming kits, leather cases, and 6 way chargers.

Education Price 144.00 Each (288.00 per Pair) +VAT (Including Charger)
For purchasers of 6 units, the multiway charger the 6 way multicharger can be supplied.

The Motorola XTNiD conforms to the PMR446 standards and requirements,
offering today's users the perfect two-way radio solution. Motorola Euro XTNiD



Motorola XTN 446 

         xtn446 logo.jpg (13803 bytes)

Motorola HandiePro Euro XTN 446 Two-Way Radio


Up to 5 kilometre range

8 frequencies and 304 channels - to reduce congestion

2 hour desktop charger.

Hands-free VOX capability, without a compatible accessory.

Optional rechargeable or alkaline battery

Keypad lock

Fixed aerial

Licence Exempt

1 year warranty

XTN446 Black.jpg (17058 bytes)


Cost-free operation - no airtime, contracts or licence fees

Compatible with Motorola HandiePro 446 radios

Can be used throughout the European Union

Scalable - add more units as the business grows

Contemporary design with 3 interchangeable faceplates

Lightweight & wearable, comes complete with belt holster

Voice scrambling to minimise eavesdropping

Now replaced by XTNID

The Handiepro XTN 446 conforms to the PMR446 standards and requirements,
offering today's users the perfect two-way radio solution.Handiepro Euro XTN 446
offers user-friendly features and increased channel selection of up to 304 channel modes.

Providing instant communication at the touch of a button, the Motorola XTN446 has been developed specifically for business and is compatible with other PMR446 Radios, including the Motorola HandiePro EURO446, T6222, TA200 & TA288. With a range of up to 5 km (3 miles), depending upon terrain and conditions, the XTN446 is ideal for business users who need to stay in touch with colleagues in a local area or on the same site quickly & easily. The XTN446 is compact and ergonomically designed offering superb audio clarity & clear communication, even in noisy environments. The XTN446 can work long shifts and when a spare battery is not available it can also be fitted with 4 standard AA batteries without the need of an adaptor..

Note: The XTN446 Radios come complete with plastic holster and rechargeable battery, but not with a charger. (The choice of single or multiple (6 unit) charger can be made from the accessory list below).

Order Code




Motorola XTN Waterproof Bag



Motorola XTN Leather carry case



Motorola XTN NIMH rechargeable battery



Motorola XTN charger



Motorola XTN euro 2HR drop in charger



Motorola XTN multi-charger



Motorola XTN euro multi-charger



Motorola XTN earpiece with mic (HMN9039)



Motorola XTN bezel pack 



Motorola XTN earbud with Mic and PTT (HMN9025)



Motorola XTN remote speaker mic (HMN9026)



Motorola XTN headset with swivel mic (HMN9002)


All prices shown are exclusive of VAT

For Further Information Please Contact Yvonne Or telephone 01452-305181

Specifications for Motorola XTN446 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkies.

For Further Information Please Contact Yvonne Or telephone 01452-305181

  All prices shown are exclusive of VAT


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