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Audio Visual Services (avsglos) supply Interactive Whiteboards from leading manufacturers around the world including Smart Technologies Inc.

Audio Visual Services (avsglos) are fully accredited, quality assured, suppliers and installers for SMART Board systems. Training is provided as part of our installation services, together with an on-going commitment of service to the customer. Our accreditation covers the fields on Education, Corporate and Public Sector.

One millionth SMART Board™ rolls off production line

SMART hits milestone with world-leading Canadian product

OTTAWA, Ontario --- August 12, 2008 --- SMART Technologies announces that the one millionth SMART Board interactive whiteboard will roll off the company’s Ottawa production line today, at approximately 1:00 p.m. 


Current Special SMART Board & Projector Prices

Imagine what you could accomplish if your whiteboard were as smart as your ideas.

The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard. With it, you can save your notes to a computer and control your applications directly from the Board's large, touch-sensitive surface.

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Dedicated to Safety & Quality

Our accreditation covers the fields of education, corporate and public sector sales, service, installations and training.

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The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard
that improves the way you meet, teach, train and
It combines the look and feel of a regular
whiteboard with the power of a computer so you
can save and print notes, collaborate on electronic
documents, share information and run multimedia
materials and programs.

Save Your Notes Your group members or students no longer need to take notes because the SMART Board does it for you! Use tools you already know, such as dry-erase markers to record notes. If you change your mind, use the eraser to erase what you have written, just as you've always done. With the SMART Board, you can quickly and easily save all of your notes to a computer file, print them from your computer printer, e-mail them to participants or post them as HTML files that others can view from a Web browser.

Interact with Impact When combined with an LCD panel or projector, the SMART Board becomes a large, touch-sensitive screen. Control Windows or Macintosh applications by simply touching the Board. Use your finger on the Board just as you would use a mouse at your desktop to move between spreadsheets, word-processing documents, presentation software, CD ROMs or Web sites. Pick up a pen from the SMART Pen Tray and write notes over your applications in electronic ink to focus your audience’s attention, then save or print your notes to create handouts that will help everyone remember your message.

Smartboard on floorstand Sizes Available

SMART Board 640: 48" diagonal active area

SMART Board 660: 64" diagonal active area

SMART Board 680: 77" diagonal active area

SMART Board 690: 94" diagonal active area

Optional Floor Stand available for all models.


SMART Technologies Inc. is both the industry pioneer and market leader in versatile, intuitive Roomware tools. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, SMART is a private company employing more than 200 people. In 1992, SMART formed a strategic alliance with U.S. computer giant, Intel Corporation, which resulted in joint product development, joint marketing efforts and Intel's equity ownership in SMART. SMART sells through value-added resellers in North America and value-added distributors internationally. SMART has received its ISO 9001 Certificate of Registration and has been awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) contract under the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Program.

For further information contact Yvonne or Telephone 01452-305181

For further technical information and Software Downloads visit the Smart Technologies website at:

Buyer Beware – Purchase from an Authorised Dealer Only.
SMART cautions you to buy only from authorised dealers as they receive manufacturer's support and sales training and are equipped to assist you during installation and to thereafter handle any problems that may arise. If you buy SMART products from a non-authorised dealer, the products may be defective, damaged or non-conforming and will not carry SMART's standard warranty. SMART cannot assist with problems that may occur with SMART products purchased outside of its authorised channels. Efforts are made within the UK to ensure that only authorised dealers are able to supply the product. Installations by non accredited contractors, may not, fully conform to the relevant regulations and codes of practice and in some cases, following inspection and testing, may be deemed to be mechanically or electrically unsafe.

Audio Visual Services (avsglos) are fully accredited, quality assured, suppliers and installers for SMART Board systems. Training is provided as part of our installation services, together with an on-going commitment of service to the customer. Our accreditation covers the fields of Education, Industry, Corporate and Public Sector. 

As a fully accredited, authorised SmartBoard installer, we are able to provide a full installation service using highly qualified installation engineers, all of whom hold appropriate electrical and electronic qualifications, thus ensuring safe and fully operational installed systems, conforming to all the relevant regulations and codes of practice. This, together with our vast experience and extensive resources and insurance, enables the client to have total confidence and peace of mind in the project from conception to completion and user training.

We as an Accredited Smart Board Dealer and installer, we are able to advise, supply, install and train on SMART Boards and their use and application. Being Accredited and authorised means also that we can give on-going support on any aspect of the product or its use in your particular environment.


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