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Extron PoleVault Systems

Extron PoleVault Systems are unique A/V solutions that mount all the switching and audio amplification components securely above the projector. PoleVault Systems are all-inclusive complete A/V systems that are easy to install, use, and support, making them ideal for single-projector K-12 classrooms.

Each PoleVault System includes all the projector control, mounting hardware, switching, speakers, wall plates, and cabling needed for a complete A/V system. Everything made, supplied, and supported from one manufacturer: Extron, where your satisfaction is guaranteed. All that remains is to add the video projector, projection screen, and sources.

Extron PoleVault Systems - Overview Diagram

PoleVault Systems offer:

Complete, centralized A/V switching and control system with stereo/mono amplifier using CAT 5 cable from wall plates to projector.
Network ready with integrated IP LinkŪ allows in-room, as well as campus-wide control, asset management and support over your network using Extron's free GlobalViewerŪ web-based software


PoleVault System Components Include:

Extron MLC 104 IP Plus

MediaLink Controller

The Extron MLC 104 IP Plus MediaLink Controller with built-in IP LinkŪ Ethernet Control is an easy-to-use control panel for any small classroom or meeting room. It is designed to control a wide range of smaller A/V systems and enables Web-based remote diagnostics, asset management, and support. The MLC 104 IP Plus standardizes the control interface for all systems, making display systems simple to use. Standardization also makes setup and maintenance easier to support.

The flexible MLC 104 IP Plus acts as an extended remote control panel. It is not a switcher; instead, as a controller, it tells the display when to switch between its various inputs. Presenters with little or no training can walk into any multimedia classroom equipped with the MLC 104 IP Plus and operate the A/V system. The MLC 104 IP Plus includes universal display control for a display's power, input switching, and volume control. For one-button functionality, the MLC 104 IP Plus features backlit buttons that can be custom-labeled for easy identification. Because the buttons illuminate, they are helpful for presenters in low-light environments.

The MLC 104 IP Plus is also capable of learning IR commands for centralized control of external source devices, such as DVD players and VCRs, when used with an optional IRCM - Infrared Control Module.

Especially vital for high traffic areas, the MLC 104 IP Plus is housed in a secure two-gang enclosure. It has the same look and functionality regardless of where it is mounted: a lectern, desk, wall, rack, or wall box.

The MLC 104 IP Plus is available in Black or White.



Four Input PoleVault Switcher


Receives RGB computer video, composite DVD/VCR video, and stereo audio signals from PoleVault transmitters
Integrated 26 watt rms audio amplifier for stereo or dual mono audio
Receives audio/video signals and provides transmitter power over CAT 5 UTP cable
Wireless microphone ready; line-level port accepts a wireless microphone signal for amplifying the teacher's voice
Voice level control sets the level of a wireless microphone mixed with the audio from the A/V sources
Remote control capabilities for volume via RS-232 or Extron VCM 100 Series Volume and Mute Control or VCM 50 Series Volume Control
Software-based tone and dynamics for audio to meet the needs of the acoustic environment
Autoswitching mode simplifies operation by automatically switching to the active source
Four Input Twisted Pair PoleVault Switcher with Integrated Stereo Audio Amplifier

At the heart of each PoleVault System is the is the PVS 204SA PoleVault Switcher. With four video inputs, autoswitching capabilities, and an integrated stereo audio amplifier, the PoleVault Switcher meets the needs of most single projector A/V environments.

The PVS 204SA switcher accommodates up to two DVD/VCR video signals and two high-resolution VGA computer-video signals, all with stereo audio. It can be controlled via IR or RS-232 using the MediaLink Controller used in PoleVault Systems.

The PVS 204SA also features an integrated 26 watt rms stereo audio amplifier capable of driving up to four Extron speakers and filling the room with full, rich sound. 

The integrated audio amplifier also features optional remote control of input selection and volume control, plus software-based tone control, loudness, and limiting for set-and-forget operation. 

An auxiliary line level input is provided to accept an external audio source, such as a wireless microphone.


Full-range ceiling speaker

The Extron SI 3C LP is a full-range ceiling speaker featuring a 4" (10.2 cm) Low Profile metal back can for use in plenum ceilings. 

The 3" (7.6 cm) full-range driver features an incredibly wide frequency response of 75 Hz to 17 kHz, 16 watts continuous pink noise and 32 watts continuous program capacity, and an extremely wide conical dispersion of 170°.

The SI 3C LP features an exclusive conical baffle that provides a wider room coverage pattern, which is important for rooms with low ceilings. This design reduces beaming of mid and high frequencies directly under the speaker. Voice intelligibility is critical for classrooms and many other applications, and the SI 3C LP provides excellent voice clarity without compromising music reproduction.

SI 3

Compact surface mount speaker

The Extron SI 3 compact surface mount speaker features a 3" (7.6 cm) full-range driver coupled to an exclusive conical baffle that enhances coverage throughout the listening area.  An internal overload protection circuit prevents driver damage due to excessive input levels.

This System INTEGRATORŪ Series speaker is ideally suited for small to medium classrooms and conference rooms where surface mount speakers are desired, but wall space for speaker placement is limited. With a weather-resistant construction, the SI 3 is also at home in outdoor environments.

Voice intelligibility is critical for classrooms and many other applications, and the SI 3 provides excellent voice clarity without compromising music reproduction.

The SI 3 is sold in pairs and is available in a black or white finish, and includes a 5 year parts and labour warranty.


VGA Video and Stereo Audio Input

The PVT RGB MK VGA Video and Stereo Audio Input is designed to work exclusively with the PVS 204SA Four Input Twisted Pair Switcher as part of the PoleVaultŪ System. The PVT RGB MK accepts VGA computer-video signals on a female 15-pin HD connector and stereo audio on a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack. Signals are transmitted to the switcher on two twisted pair cables that connect on spring force wire connectors.


VGA Video, Composite Video, and Stereo Audio Input

The PVT RGB CV MK VGA Video, Composite Video, and Stereo Audio Input is designed to work exclusively with the PVS 204SA Four Input Twisted Pair Switcher as part of the PoleVaultŪ System. The two input PVT RGB CV MK accepts VGA computer-video with stereo audio and composite video with stereo audio and transmits the signals to the switcher on one or two twisted pair cables

Many other options are available.

The Extron PoleVault Brochure in Adobe PDF Format is available to download here

Further detail and information is available at: Extron PoleVault Systems


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