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MLC 52 Medialink Control
MLC 104 Medialink Control

Extron MediaLink®

The MLC - MediaLink Controller is the heart of the MediaLink System. It can be used by itself for standardizing the control interface of a system, effectively becoming an extended remote control unit, or in tandem with almost every Extron switcher, including the MediaLink Switchers.



The MediaLink System is a family of easy-to-install and easy-to-use products that work together to connect, control, and switch A/V presentation equipment in small, one-projector environments. 

All MLC - MediaLink Controllers, MLS - MediaLink Switchers, speakers, wall plates, and cables are designed to simplify installation and operation of presentation systems. 

The complexity often associated with A/V integration is replaced with standardized and simple one-touch functionality that provides a complete system solution.



The Extron MLC 226 IP DV+

MediaLink MLC226 IP +


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