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Services to Education in Gloucestershire

On Site Services - We make regular calls to all areas of the Gloucestershire Education Authority area, giving free advice on all aspects of AudioVisual and Computing equipment and it's uses in Education and Training.
Service – We service all classroom teaching aids including Audio Visual, Computer, Computer Peripherals, Printers and Video Equipment.
Computer Technician Hire – Including general maintenance software installation and troubleshooting.
Training – We offer computer training courses tailor made to suit different schools needs. The needs of concerned parents can also be included.
Internet advice – We monitor education internet sites to try and help teachers keep up to date with any useful sites.
Sales – We offer a extensive range of training aids which includes much advice on supplying the right equipment to do the job.
Free Telephone help line – We are available to help or give advice with technical problems. Our opening hours are 9am to 6pm times chosen with education in mind to enable teachers to either telephone or visit after school.
Liaison – We liase constantly with the county IT advisers over equipment supply and advice. Because we spend a lot of time in schools we are able to pass on help and information between interested parties.
Hire service – P.A. and projection systems are required from time to time in school.

Contact Yvonne for further information, or Ring 01452-305181


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