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    Colour Panaboard UB5838C

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Panasonic Colour Panaboard UB-5838C

Perfect for Training, Meeting, Presentation, and Seminar



Transform your meeting or training classroom into a more productive environment with Panasonic UB-5838 Metallic PanaBoard. Allow participants to listen and participate instead of taking notes. At the end of the session, save your notes to a computer so you can print, e-mail, or upload them to the Web.

Panaboard UB-5838 Electronic Whiteboard supports a variety of business situations with a wide range of functions. You can save the written note onto a PC, an SD Memory Card, or USB flash memory, and easily distribute it in colour as electronic data to your colleagues. All operation is done using easy-to-understand icons. Panaboard Electronic Whiteboards give you maximum potential for presentations and conferences.



Plain paper copyboard
Colour scanning
Easy to read 1.8" colour LCD
Built-in SD memory card slot and USB flash memory port to store data directly on to the removable storage device and transfer it to a PC
Password lock for secure operations 
Clear marker reproduction technology
Built-in printer port can be used to print directly from the screen or print direct from a printer which is equipped with an SD memory card slot 
Recommended colour printed required
Optional stand available or  board can be wall mounted
Print resolution: 300x300dpi
Continuous printing: 1 to 9 sheets
Overall Dimensions:  1125x1998x224mm (HxWxD)
Working area:  790x1722mm (HxW)
Weight:  28kg


Code Name RRP
1170059 Colour Panaboard UB5838C 1,599.00
1170062 Floor Stand for Panaboard UB5838C 199.00
1170017 Panaboard Installation & Warranty for wall or floor inc. 2 year on site warranty - UK only 230.00

Additional information:
Panaboard 5838 Compatible Printer List


Thin and Lightweight for Flexible installation

This thin, lightweight board is ideal for wall mounting. Rear panel protrusions have been reduced to enable neater, more attractive mounting. The design is a great
match for today's modern offices and conference rooms.

Save and print your presentation in many ways.

Save directly to memory
Scanned data can be saved in PDF or JPEG formats on an SD Memory Card or USB flash memory, then transferred to your PC.

Save directly to a PC
Fast and simple. Simply connect the board to your PC using the USB cable to save the board content without having to install any special software. The board imitates USB flash memory, so no additional software is needed to store the scanned images.

Printing without a PC
You don't need a PC just to print a copy of written note from the board. If your printer is equipped with an SD Card slot or USB flash memory slot, you can print data without using a PC. Just plug the  SD memory card or USB flash drive into the printer and press the Print button.

Print directly to a printer on the spot
The UB-5338C comes standard, with a USB printer port. You can connect a printer directly to the board using a USB printer cable to print data in vivid colour.


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