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Victory Aquarobic P.A.
Challenger Aquarobic P.A.
Focus Aquarobic P.A.
Mipro MA-707 Portable P.A. / Audio System


Portable Presentation Systems suitable for aquarobics from Chiayo Audio
The Victory Challenger and Focus Ranges from Chiayo Audio and the Mipro Portable PA system provides the ultimate solution in portable, wireless sound reinforcement for presentation and music applications such as audio/visual, presentation, education, new product demonstrations, leisure and places of worship.

By incorporating amplifier, speaker, wireless microphone receiver, rechargeable battery and cassette recorder/CD player into one unit, each of the Victory Range products can easily be transported and safely used in almost any environment - even outside and swimming pool areas - providing high quality voice and music reproduction for audiences ranging from 10 to 200 people!

The systems utilise a choice of wireless handheld, headset or tie-clip microphones which feature the patented 'Pilotone' switching systems, eliminating unwanted clicks and pops when switching the microphones on and off.

Furthermore, Victory Challenger Focus and Mipro portable sound products have inputs for additional wired microphones & music sources and outputs for further speakers, making the range even more flexible to suit your sound reinforcement needs.

Victory 2000 RadioMic / CD Portable Aquarobic Presentation System 75W System  
The flagship of this portable PA range, the Victory 2000 provides the highest power output, capable of high quality, controlled coverage for up to 1000m.
This 75W speaker version includes all of the standard features (built-in speaker, amplifier, wireless microphone receiver, rechargeable battery), together with CD or cassette recorder as standard. It is also fitted with integrated wheels and retractable handle for ease of transportation.

Challenger 1000 RadioMic / CD Portable Aquarobic Presentation System 50W System
The Challenger Series is the new family member of the Victory Series. It is an all-in-one multi-functional, multi-purpose wireless portable sound system designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Focus 500 RadioMic / CD Portable Aquarobic Presentation System 30W System
The brand new Focus 500 from Chiayo has to be one of the most compact, lightweight, full-function portable systems there is! Available as Radio Frequency or Infrared Wireless versions, this little unit features internal receiver, 30W amplifier, full-range loudspeaker and CD or cassette - all squeezed into a box no bigger than A4! 

Mipro MA-707 RadioMic / CD / Cassette Portable Aquarobic Presentation System 70W System
This versatile PA system can be used indoors or outdoors, by itself with one or two transmitters or in combination with other MA-707 systems. The MIPRO MA-707 is the perfect portable wireless PA choice for schools, institutions, rallies, sporting events, weddings, DJs, places of worship, business gatherings practically any event imaginable.

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